The main function of the windshield is to serve as a windshield and debris for the people inside, sometimes even to support the vehicle frame. The manufacturer configures the screen aerodynamically so as not to interfere with vehicle operation.

Some even have special substances made to protect passengers' eyes from UV rays. Without a windshield, the driver may have difficulty driving. Here are some things you need to know to care for your windshield.

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There are several reasons why your windshield might crack. Here are some of the most common:

– Direct collision: this is the main reason for the occurrence of protective cracks when driving on the highway. There are small particles and debris that may not be visible to the eye due to your speed on the highway.

These particles can be gravel, small stones, and rocks. The car in front of you can move a small rock that is sturdy enough and the windshield will come off. The cracks leave room for moisture accumulation and gradually spread cracks in the windshield.

– Structural faults: these are related to the age of the vehicle. When manufacturers make windshields, they unwittingly create weak spots on the edges of the glass. This is because the particles on the edges don't have a stable grip. In addition, the makers designed the center of the glass to stretch and absorb impact while the edges withstand heavy loads.

– Cold weather: the windshield reacts to hot or cold temperatures. The difference between outside and inside temperature can cause class distortion causing small cracks.

– Hail: Although these events are rare. Windshields damaged by sleet render them beyond repair.