Yoga is the art of liberation. It is the study of concentrating on the different layers of the body, a deeper exploration with continued focus in the mind, until finally digging in the mind and settling down forever. This ancient tradition of breathing, movement and meditation, developed in Hindu culture in the Indian subcontinent, has become a sacred ritual for its practitioners. 

Therefore, finding the right yoga retreat is as much a part of one's practice as targeted inhalation, exhalation in certain poses or quiet still observation. The right kundalini yoga virtual classes must suit the right individual and only then will one have the relaxation to relax and discover the true depth of his yoga journey.

There are many yoga retreats. They are available in all shapes, sizes, purposes, and complete packages. Some offer round-the-clock yoga, strict dietary guidelines, and absolute silence. Others start the day with a series of opening poses (or Sanskrit asanas) and then immerse participants in the culture of their environment by engaging in creative activities and a relaxing stay. 

The day ends with a final series of relaxation. It's up to you – practitioner. This is your practice and yours alone. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose. Hold on tight. Now let all your breath out of your mouth. Sit in your chair and relax. Imagine you are practicing yoga.

Your dream environment may be different. That's not possible. After all, this is your yoga practice (as the mindful teacher repeats); That's why this is your yoga retreat.