A greenhouse can be the best friend during the months of autumn and winter for the avid gardener. Greenhouses allow us to extend the life of our precious plants. If you already have a greenhouse or are considering buying one, there are many essential things to consider when it comes to prepping your greenhouse for the winter.

The main consideration in a greenhouse all winter your local climate. How cold does it get in your area? If you experience severe winters full of snow and ice, automated grow facility can help. If you experience mild winters in the area, with night temperatures sometimes dip near freezing range, extend your greenhouse winter will be easier.

It is also important to ask yourself what kind of plants you keep in your greenhouse during the cold winter months? What temperature does the range make these plants need? In general, you want to overwinter plants that can tolerate some cold enough time. The warm weather of tropical plants are very sensitive to cold will not do well outside the greenhouse during the winter.

Once you have determined the type of plants you will grow and the lowest temperature in your area, you are ready to consider an alternative source of heat for your greenhouse. Remember, the time of day in a greenhouse usually reach 20 to 40 degrees warmer than the external air.

At darkness, however, the air inside the greenhouse will fall to approximately the same temperature as the cold night air outside. This is the time where you must protect your plants against possible frost in your greenhouse.