Many parents believe that their children will only visit an orthodontist once they reach their teens. Many people believe that their children will only need an orthodontist visit when they are in pain or have severe malformations. The truth is, you will need to see an orthodontist sooner than that.

Early detection can be achieved by a thorough check-up

An important benefit to having an early check-up with a dentist is the possibility of early detection of potential dental problems. A professional orthodontist can easily spot subtle signs of problems even if baby teeth are still present in your child. If your kid has braces, you can also check the braces-friendly thanksgiving recipes! 

Visit an orthodontist to get valuable advice on how to maintain your child's dental health. This will help you maintain good dental hygiene and prevent future problems that could arise from poor habits. 

(i) Thumb sucking is a common habit among babies. If thumb sucking continues after permanent teeth erupt it can cause serious orthodontic problems. 

(ii) Pacifiers. Some parents might think that a pacifier is a better alternative to thumb sucking. An orthodontist may advise you to the contrary. These pacifiers can cause the same problems as thumb sucking.

(iii). Lip-biting and Fingernail biting. Both fingernail biting and lip biting can lead to misalignment. These habits should be discouraged by parents.

Early treatment can help prevent further misalignment in your jaws or teeth.