Some special forces equipment is used only for training. Airsoft guns coaching is a fantastic illustration of this, because the rifle is not going to be used in battle, but very good for training situations. You can find Hawaii military training system online. 

They Are Properly Sized

The aim of instruction is to prepare for the actual item and coaching Airsoft gun feel and look like real weapons. They do not recoil when fired, naturally, but they are the ideal size and they are shaped like a firearm. Therefore, people who take them will not be thrown off every time they have to change a real weapon.

They do not waste bullets

Firing a rifle to a shooting range with the actual fantastic, but it wastes a lot of bullets. Airsoft guns fire small pellets, therefore there is absolutely no waste except for them. In certain scenarios, the pellets can be accumulated and fired, because they are rarely harmed from release on the weapon.

They Are Calm

Unlike the actual weapons, Airsoft guns do not give great sound when they are fired. They took advantage of the fire to the air, and so only a soft popping noise. It's fantastic to coaching in the room, because the center will not be full of sound several guns firing all at one time.