Wood veneers are made from recycled cultivated hardwoods and polyethylene polymers. The result is a block of composite wood with a natural appearance that can withstand heat, cold and general weather far better than natural wood. 

Timber cladding at the central coast has UV-resistant wood composites, environmentally friendly, easy to adapt to color, and has a life of more than 50 years. It does not need to be lubricated or colored like natural wood, making it the best choice for new cladding or replacement projects. Save time and money.

The composite cladding was developed to ensure quality and perfection. It is available in various panels and colors. Colors range from wood styles for a natural look to designs for truly unique results. The texture can also be adjusted, from smooth or sanded to reed or wood appearance.

Profiles are designed to hide fasteners with the locking section and give a clean and elegant look. Some examples of profiles are boxes, flush, and boards. Standard sizes typically range from 150mm x 21mm to 250mm x 21mm, although special sizes and profiles of all types are available for large orders. 

It is highly resistant to cold, heat, damp, and rain – factors that attack natural wood in a short time. Composite wood panels are a low maintenance, durable and attractive addition to any building.