Mechscape is bold like Runescape but the only difference is that it will be avant-garde and aimed at an earlier audience. Mechscape will be fabricated by Jagex and is advised to appear out this spring. But if Mechscape comes out of the area will it leave Runescape, the world's a lot of accepted MMORPG? Read this article for some accessible outcomes.

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Runescape could lose bags of players and associates to Mechscape and it could cause Runescape to become a bare underpopulated game. This may cause Jagex to cut down on the Runescape servers, they won't annihilate it absolutely because there still would be abounding players who will still play it.

Most of all of Runescape's players could move over to Mechscape so Jagex may shut down Runescape briefly or maybe even forever. Or they could do what they've done with Runescape classic, accumulate it accessible alone to paying associates and not acquiesce any new players to assurance up.

Jagex says that Mechscape will be aimed at an earlier audience, but so was Runescape, and that is played by lots of kids beneath 13 down to even 6 and 9-year-olds now. This leads to an accomplished new alternation of problems, I accept accounting a commodity about it called: 

The majority of Runescape's players are accepting too young, what will become of Jagex?

So it is not assertive what will become of Runescape afterward Mechscape comes out, as there are lots and lots of possibilities this bounce if Mechscape comes out.