CBD is an extract from industrial hemp. Many users report that CBD provides significant pain and inflammation relief. Currently, the CBD is very popular. CBD has few side effects and seems to work well locally. 

Although it is most commonly found in tinctures or capsules, many brands offer CBD as an ointment or cream to apply to the skin. You can find the great CBD salve from various online stores like Lovewell Farms.

The hemp ministry team examined nearly a dozen products to select the best CBD themes available online.

The hemp ministry team examined dozens of products to select the best CBD themes available online.

Quality matters. CBD is unregulated and there are too many counterfeit products out there. Always do research on your product and avoid buying from vendors such as gas stations where you don't normally buy health products.

At the Hemp Ministry, we adhere to the highest standards of CBD and hemp products. You can trust that we've examined each of these products carefully and picked up our own before putting them here.

The main benefit of the current form of CBD is that you apply it exactly where it needs your body's help. While we still don't fully understand how CBD cream works, most users report a quick, even instantaneous effect.

Growing scientific evidence supports the use of topical CBD products for relieving symptoms of pain, inflammation, and arthritis. One study in mice found that topical CBD "has therapeutic potential to reduce arthritis-related behaviors and inflammation without obvious side effects."