Video converter is one of the most beautiful discovery. Many software engineers and graphic artists use this program, today. It performs several functions. It can convert multiple formats in seconds. It also changes the file format. You can burn it to a DVD player as well.

Today, several brands are available in the market. Each brand is composed of different features. You can also find fast video converter through It can even convert an image into a video file. You can even capture images from video files. The 'converter can even convert video files to audio files. Usually, this converter performs the following functions:

  • Convert format:

It can change the format of the film. The converter can accept multiple types of formats. But some formats can not be changed freely. You can install them, only if you pay a certain fee.

  • Convert the formats for portable devices:

It changes the format of a portable device also.

  • Audio format conversion:

It also converts audio format. It can also convert video files to audio files.

  • Capture pictures from the movie:

You can take multiple pictures and save them as 'picture format'. You can make your albums by capturing multiple images.

  • Conversion of High-Definition video formats to a standard-definition video format:

Generally, people with eye problems do not choose to watch a high-definition picture and hence they can convert them into standard -definition format.

  • Download online videos:

You can copy the URL and paste it into the program. You can download it to your hard drive. Therefore, you can watch movies in any format you prefer.