The concept of a single customer view (SCV) is often defined as the aggregate, consistent and holistic representation of the data found by the organization on the customer.

A single customer view enables companies to understand and engage with customers by knowing who they are and what they are looking for.

It acts as a single source of truth about your customers. It gives you the ability to analyze past behavior to better target and personalize customer interactions future.

Single customer view is achieved when you can:

  • Unify customer data across all your internal systems
  • Capture the activity of each customer across all channels and devices
  • Use this information to seamlessly engage with every customer across touchpoints

For example, global hotel brand quality and customer reconcile conflicting data-poor to improve the accuracy of data and significantly improve customer service.

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The hotel chain now learns about the interests of customers through data together so that staff can work extra in all of its properties.

Staff members can, for example, gives guests a yoga enthusiast and a list of local studio proactive class times, provide a list of a local haunt for sports fans to watch their favorite team when they check-in, or just a well-stocked mini-bar with a favorite drink.

The result has been an increase in customer satisfaction scores across the board and increases lifetime customer value.

Achieving a single customer view, however, still, seem out of reach for many companies. 89% of companies still have the challenge of creating a single customer view (per Experian) resulted in poor decision making due to poor customer insight and process inefficiencies.