Olives are very rich in oil, and this fact has made them one of the best sources of healthy oil for centuries. The three most common types of olive oil are a pure, virgin and extra virgin.

Olive oil is created by crushing and pressing olives, and people have been making and using olive oil to maintain good health and stay fit for about five thousand years. Extra virgin olive oil and weight control, not to mention many other health benefits, go hand in hand.

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Extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed and is a result of the first crushing or press of the olives. Cold pressing is done without chemicals or heat. The oil processed in this fashion only makes up approximately 10% of all olive oil produced, and it is by far the best type to use.

Virgin olive oil is usually from the second pressing of the olives and does not have the same quality as extra virgin oil. The pure variety is a blend of virgin and refined oils and is not recommended.

There are an incredible number of benefits associated with extra virgin olive oil and weight control is just one of them. People from the Mediterranean countries will quickly tell you about the health benefits, and the great flavor that comes from adding it to salads, pasta, and many other foods. The importance of extra virgin olive oil and weight control is often missed by many.

It has unique properties that assist in losing weight and promoting better health. It also increases fat oxidation, so when you increase your intake your body burns fat faster. Extra virgin olive oil should be looked upon as a necessary part of any weight loss plan.