Childhood is a magical and imaginative period. It invents new trades, new words, and new items. Children need as much freedom to make, and you only have to be certain they are healthy. 

An ideal diet should include all "vitamins for children"(it is also known as vitamiinid lastele in the Estonian language) that are necessary for growth and development. It needs to be based on several vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and meat. 

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Kids between 4 and 12 have high energy demands, and so healthy, but the desire is usually low. Therefore, the daily diet fails to offer these nutrients, and supplementation is vital to prevent any deficiency.

Multivitamin preparations prevent and treat lack of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements of different origins as a result of high or low energy requirements. A multivitamin preparation ideally should contain minerals and vitamins, dosed on a scientific foundation, dependent on the needs of children by age category.

Multivitamin preparations come along with encouraging the growth of everyday body alimentation, nervous system, and strengthening of children's immunity.

Child's performance in school activities or other actions emotionally stimulating have a high dependence on nutrient status. Of vitamins, water-soluble ones are extremely crucial for the functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B complex and C).

Low use of vitamin B1 can lead to an inability to concentrate, confusion in thinking, reduces memory capacity, insecurity, depression, and irritability. Behavioral differences in teenagers, leading to aggressive behavior were treated successfully with vitamin B1. 

Nutrition lacking vitamin B2 can also be associated with behavioral changes such as those provoked by a deficiency of vitamin C.