The pen has become the essential invention of human civilization. Today, there are many different types of pen but the underlying message that each sends remains the same. Kanwrite pens have consistently been believed to be a fantastic present, being complicated, useful, and very affordable.

Narwhal Pens

The most abundant type pen in the world, this writing instrument is mass-produced to cater to its very high demand. So abundant is this type of pen that more than 150 million narwhal pens are sold every year. For more information about fountain pen visit


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The narwhal pen has many advantages over its other counterparts chief among which is that the pen is designed in such a way that its tip is very durable.

Penbbs Fountain Pens

The Penbbs fountain pen is one of the most famous types, synonymous with great thinkers, writers, and philosophers. Fountain pens need to be dipped in ink constantly for free-flowing writing. 

Modern Penbbs fountain pens use cartridges, combining the modern elements of ink storage with the style of the nib. The fountain pen is mostly owned by people in a very high post looking to make an impression.

Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens have the tip of a ballpoint pen but with the type of ink that has a very smooth texture. The ink used in a rollerball pen soaks into the fibers of the paper making a much more permanent mark than the other types of pens.