Tripod: This is a three-legged stand that attaches to the mount on your camera. It is the most common type of mount to hold your camera steady and allows you to move your hand away from the camera entirely and still have a stable position.

Monopod: A variation on a tripod, this stand has only one leg. Attach a camera monopod for you, and use your hands to make sure the camera and stand not to fall. You can buy various types of tripod in Australia at


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This helps because the monopod camera stops moving up and down, and provides a break for your hands so that the camera shake is reduced. For a little extra stability, leaned against itself, or a camera to a sturdy object such as a lamppost.

Chainpod: An ingenious design that consists of a long chain (or string) with a loop on one end big enough to put your feet into. The other end is attached to your camera. To use Chainpod, put your foot through the loop and pull tight your camera so that the chain while fetching your photos. The tension in the chain will reduce the camera shake as a monopod. The great advantage of chainpod is you can crunch it and put it in your pocket!