Real estate titles and functions can be confusing, especially when there is a blurred line. The answer is that the realtor can be a broker (or not), but brokers do not need to be a realtor. How could this happen? Appearance Let's look at the making realtor and broker. You can get to know about best real estate agent in Joshua tree via


Before becoming a realtor, a person must be a licensed real estate agent. Being a realtor is an option, usually no requirements of any real estate agent. (Some real estate brokerage firms require that all their agents to also become a sales agent.)

Being a Broker

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A broker is a licensed real estate agent who has a minimum of two years’ experience as a real estate agent (requirements vary somewhat between the countries. Brokers have chosen to advance their careers through additional education and have passed the licensing exam broker.

A licensed broker has greater choice, opportunity, and responsibility.

A broker can work independently and opened his own brokerage.

A real estate agent may not act independently of the broker. He also cannot open a broker.

A broker can be a co-broker with other brokers, to operate their own brokerage firm.

Brokers and realtor

Just like a real estate agent is not required to be a member of NAR, there is a broker.

As with other influential organizations, the NAR has a political voice, and members can choose to participate in legislative advocacy activities.