There are many reasons why facial hair and hair on the head are different. Chances are, if you have shaved your facial in the past it will be much coarser. 

When we try to grow or maintain a beard, the inevitable itchiness, dryness, and redness will happen. Men can maintain their beards with a beard grooming kit. These kits have all the necessary grooming tools in them which can help you. To buy such beard grooming kits for men, you can also hop over to this website.

There is a simpler way. Just remember to adhere to the three fundamental rules of beard grooming. You will have a great beard every day.

To wash your beard, you should first use a beard shampoo or mild beard soap when you take a morning shower. You should use natural oils, aloe vera, or lime to clean your skin pores and facial hair. 

You'll only make it worse if you skip this step. Apply a little bit of the oil to the roots and tips of your facial hair, no matter how new or old. Use your fingertips to massage the tips of your fingers gently. Do the same as usual and wash your hands.

Second, use a towel while your beard hair remains wet to gently move your way down. Otherwise, you will get your beard all frazzled up. 

If you need to detangle your beard (if your beard is longer), then you should first use a wide-toothed beard comb. A narrow-toothed beard comb can pull on your tangles. You should be combing downwards as gently and smoothly as possible, just like with the towel.