Glass Etching can be defined as a technique for creating artistic images on a piece of glass. It means to make art on the glass surface by applying the acid, caustic, or abrasive substances. Glass etching is abrading or roughening of a piece of glass in selected areas to produce a design.

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COE90 Glass Bugs and Butterflies

Etching is a way to generate a "frozen" design on the surface of a piece of glass, or also can be used to carve the designs into glass. There are also techniques to produce a shaded design that looks like a delicate airbrushing but is permanently etched in the glass.

People desire etched glass because beauty and practical application; can be used for aesthetic and window or glass wall coverings. Etch will continue to allow the light, because it covers the windows or walls, providing privacy.

There are two main ways in which glass etching can be done. One is Abrasive Sandblasting, a common technique for creating patterns in the glass, leaving a "frosted" look into the glass. High-pressure air is mixed with pieces of abrasive material away at the glass surface to create the effect.