Nondestructive digging has become a popular method of doing digging and excavation works because it is safer, efficient, and more cost-effective when compared to the traditional way of digging.

The traditional method of digging is the mechanical one wherein heavy equipment such as bobcats, backhoes, drills, and the like are used to dig holes. That is why you can also hire the best general engineering utilities in Los Angeles at as per your needs.

This way has caused many problems in the past because it can hit and damage utilities that are located underground. These utilities are electric cables, gas pipes, water pipes, and sewers.

This is the main reason why most contractors prefer to use the nondestructive digging method.

There are two ways that nondestructive digging can be done, hydro excavation and air vacuum excavation. Each one has its own strength and weaknesses.

Contractors can choose whatever way they prefer depending on availability and if it is applicable in a particular site. Hydro excavation is also known as wet vacuum excavation. As the name suggests, water is a main part of the process.

In this way, there are no problems with dust flying around within the construction site. However, there are environmental concerns as well because this way uses thousands of liters of water which is a precious commodity.

Also the mud it leaves behind makes the area slippery which can cause injury not only to the workers but also to some people who are just passing by.

If you want to know which way will work best for your construction site, then it is best to get in touch with professional contractors who can work with you.