What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a small software program used on the internet to perform an online chat conversation, instead of giving direct contact to a live human operator. The bot is similar to a special computer program that is specially designed to solve certain mathematical problems. In order to operate these programs, a person has to install a piece of software on their computer, usually in their browser. The software, called a "bot" contains mathematical programming code that interacts with various networks on the internet and receives and sends data as it is instructed.

Chat bots are most commonly used on websites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, and a host of other social networking sites. In addition to chat bots being used by social network users, they are also widely used in other online applications such as online games and shopping apps. Bots can be written by programmers in a programming language such as Ruby on Rails, Java, Perl, or Python. However, most popular chat bot applications are written in simple scripting languages like HTML, which is often embedded within a website's code.

There are many different types of chat bots available, depending on the purpose of the bot. The most common bots on the market are those that are intended to perform basic tasks such as composing a message or posting a response. Such bots may be used to help individuals with common everyday tasks such as posting a question on an online forum or answering simple questions. Chat bots may also be built to search an address or to perform general searching of any site on the internet. Microsoft has recently announced that they are developing an "azure" bot for use on chat networks. This bot is expected to be available for use in the Microsoft Outlook program, in an upcoming update to the program.

Chat bots are also useful in online marketing since they can be programmed to search and respond to messages posted on social networking sites. An example of a bot in this category would be Facebook's "Like" or "Share" button. Bots may be able to locate specific groups, mark them as favorites, or trigger a series of actions based on user input. In online marketing applications, chat bots are an important tool for driving traffic to a site or for gathering demographics data about visitors. Online bot developers are currently working on creating bots that will be able to discern between real people and bot-generated responses.

Chat bots are also used in other ways, such as in setting up email accounts or handling queries through telephony. A chat bot software package may include sophisticated modules which handle such activities as automatically posting messages in an appropriate manner to each contact in the list. In some cases, the chatbot can simply correspond via IM or Instant Messenger, rather than responding to individual messages. Currently, the best-known artificially intelligent chat bots are those developed by Microsoft. They are able to detect a smile or even eye contact and respond accordingly.

One can only imagine what technology will be possible in the future when artificial intelligence is capable of doing a wide variety of common tasks. Imagine a chat bot that can perform common tasks, such as reading and writing emails, posting to blogs, or posting to a forum. It could also conduct basic research, record a video, compose a song, solve mathematical problems, and perform simple tasks, such as updating a database. Such general-purpose utility-oriented chat bots are just beginning to come into existence.

The chat bot may use one or more of several technologies to establish connections. It could connect to a database containing application information, such as a user's profile, stored on a server. The chat bot could also connect to an external database from which it receives messages. Another option is to employ a client-server architecture in which the user's messages are passed between different servers on the Internet and the chat bot is in charge of responding to each message in turn.

These advanced chat bots are not only limited to performing specific tasks; they have the potential to be integrated with other applications. For example, they might be able to be assigned to perform functions such as sending email alerts when new posts appear on a particular topic or tracking changes in a social network page. Chat bots will only grow in the future as developers continue to experiment with the potential applications of artificial intelligence and other forms of natural intelligence. As we move into the future, we will likely see many new, exciting applications for computers and gadgets, including chat bots.