Now that you've started a multi-county entrepreneurial group with a few hundred members, I want to give you some success tips that can help your venture!

Success Tip #1 – Have the right intentions.

People always want more education and a place where they can freely work online. Always, always, always ready to help people no matter who they are or how busy you are. You never know when and where a good relationship will come your way.  You can get more information about entrepreneurship via

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Even if you can't answer someone's question or need, help find someone who can. This little tip leads me to some great connections. Only this advice can make the club successful!

Success Tip #2 – The name says it all.

You need to decide on the right name for your club. Our club covers many topics related to real estate investors. However, business owners, entrepreneurs, and friends from the community who may not be in real estate are most welcome to enjoy the networking and educational part of our meeting. IF you interact with different people and don't want to get confused when promoting your club about who gets accepted, you should choose your group name carefully. You can turn down great new members just by choosing a name.

Success Tip #3 – Focus on education, not sales, and time will be on your side.

Be careful with your audience when it comes to the time you spend in your meetings. It's likely that your members will be grateful to have a local group where they can meet other like-minded people and learn new information.