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How Talcum Powder Can Cause Ovarian Cancer?

Powder is a mineral that is collected from open-pit mines. Manufacturers take constituent by drilling through the rock and destroy them. Unfortunately, during this mining process, the powder can sometimes be contaminated by substances that are also present in the rock.

The most dangerous of these substances is asbestos, which is another common silicate that occurs naturally near the powder. You can visit to know about possible risks associated with talc-based powder.

Asbestos is a well-known carcinogen. Inhalation of fiber usually causes lung cancer and larynx, as well as other life-threatening problems of health. Contact to asbestos can cause ovarian cancer, too.

Because asbestos is so toxic, even a small amount of the talc is the reason for concern. When users use the powder, either on their children or themselves, they inhale particles and fibers, which can be harmful to their health.

For decades, women have been using powder as personal hygiene products without knowing the dangers.

Many have spent years routinely apply to the genital area, clothing, sanitary napkins, and tampons to absorb moisture. As parents, they have also been applied to them to prevent their babies to develop diaper rash.

This is because, after the application, the powder can move through their reproductive system and achieve their ovaries. After the particles arriving there, they cause inflammation and lead to increased cell growth.

Over time, this results in DNA damage and the development of cancer cells in the ovary. Then, the tumor begins to form.

Why People Are Filing Talcum Powder Lawsuits?

Talcum powder products have been in the news recently because of the money verdict against Johnson & Johnson. At the heart of this case are the women who develop ovarian cancer after regular use of powder-based products, such as Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower Body, for years.

However, J & J knew about the potential link between genital talc use and cancer is more than 40 years ago.  Instead of informing consumers about the likely relationship, however, the company denied adding a warning to the product packaging. You can also hire a talcum powder cancer lawyer via talcumpowdercancerlawsuit.

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Now, thousands of women sued the corporation, claiming the company must have informed them of an increased cancer risk when using the product powder at or near their genital area.

What Products Are Involved in Lawsuit Talk?

Johnson's Baby Powder has become a household staple for more than a period as a reliable product for diaper rash and odor.

Because of the long usage, brand recognition, and specialized marketing for "feminine hygiene" usability, J & J's leading powder product is at the heart of many powder lawsuits.

Powder products that are sold by other companies have also become a problem in several lawsuits, including Colgate’s Palmolive Cashmere Boutique (which is no longer produced) and powder products made by Clark & Daniels, Whittaker.

However, Johnson & Johnson products are significantly more popular, and more lawsuits have been filed against major consumer product brands from other companies.

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