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Kids Thumb Guard To Avoid Thumb Suckers

Getting your kids to stop sucking their thumbs is a difficult task. You may have tried various home remedies, but thumbsuckers take more time to break the habit. It only took 21 days for children to develop an addiction to thumb sucking. But it can take days and months, and sometimes even years, of endless efforts to stop sucking your thumb. 

Many products lurk in the market claiming to be the best thumb sucker. However, most tend to limit hand use or cause other difficulties. But there is a tool like a thumb guard to quit thumb sucking.

Kids thumb guard is made in the USA and made to order to perfectly fit your child's hand. It offers 99% success – no other thumbsucker on the market can do this! It fits comfortably and is painless; nor in any way restrict the use of hands.

Unlike other products, kids thumb guard does not use potentially harmful chemicals to prevent your child from sucking on their fingers. 

It's perfectly safe for kids and unlike many thumb suckers out there, it's known to actually work. Thumb guard is basically thumb protectors that show up with disgusting behaviour. Even the most stubborn finger vacuum cleaner lets go of its 30-66 day habit!

When is the right time to break the habit? The right answer will be prompt. However, ideally, it is best to take the necessary actions when your child is between 15 and 30 months old. Usually, at this age, the child has a short attention span and quickly releases the habit. 

Ending the habit of sucking fingers in the early stages of life will avoid the possibility of irreparable damage to the teeth. 

Thumb Sucking – Treatment at Your Own Home

Thumb sucking is one of the many habits among the kids, which is usually associated with the necessity to seek out food. This habit may develop as a hobby to get a bored kid or, even more frequently, as a working device to pacify a nervous moment. There are different ways to stop thumb sucking which can be found online.

But sometimes kids get to engage in sucking on his thumb when they're relaxed, listening to tales or throughout the bed period.

Bear in mind, the thumb might not always be sterile and this implies some health issues for your kid and vigorous thumb sucking may be the cause of numerous dental issues.

Thumb Sucking - Treatment at Your Own Home

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The habit may also influence the faulty aliment and position of the teeth apart from inducing diseases around the fingernails leading to the spread of transferable ailments.

Let's read about a few simple strategies to stop thumb sucking that this might not grow into a terrible habit over some time.

1. Attempt to block the thumb sucking habit when permanent teeth of these kids are coming from, which is generally around age 4-6.

2. To inspire a kid, a parent could reward the improvement, praise the efforts, and supply quality attention once the kid isn't sucking on the thumb.

3. Never become frustrated or state anger in your child when he's sucking on the thumb as this attitude will produce the habit worse.

4. Attempt to get to the reason behind the habit, if the kid does it for relaxation or because of nervousness and after that attempt to get rid of the cause by spending some time with your child.

5. Give a substitute and also keep them occupied (chunk or snacks).

By detecting these tiny hints, you can keep your child from thumb sucking to some substantial extent.