An immigration resident visa is a visa that allows an individual to live and work in the United States as long as they are continuously compliant with the terms of their visa. An immigration resident visa also allows the individual to travel to and from the United States. 

One of the many benefits of being an immigration resident visa holder is the right to live and work in the country you are visiting for a period of time. This means that you can use your residence visa as a stepping stone to obtaining a permanent residency or citizenship in the country in which you are residing. Furthermore, if you are married to a citizen or resident of the country you are visiting, you may also be eligible for benefits such as social security and health care. 

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If you are a foreign national seeking to live and work in the United States, you may need to obtain a residency visa. A residency visa is a type of visa that allows foreign nationals to live and work in the United States for an extended period of time. Resident visas have different requirements depending on the type of visa. 

There are three types of resident visas: business, tourist, and employment. The requirements for each type of visa vary, but all require that you meet certain requirements related to your occupation or travel plans. For example, a business resident visa requires that you have funds available to start your business in the United States and that you have a permanent job offer from a U.S. company.