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Ask These Questions When Choosing a RESPA Real Estate Attorney

Many attorneys try to handle real estate matters in addition to their regular practice. Very few lawyers are aware of the complexities of the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (RESPA) enforced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Even for full-time real estate attorneys, RESPA is a very complex statute. To know more about real estate lawyers you must refer to You must be careful and ask questions of the attorney you choose in order to make sure you get the proper legal protection that the RESPA statute is designed to accomplish. Consumers and businesses alike are protected when RESPA is in compliance. 

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Question #1

"What RESPA experience do you have?"

No doubt about it. Start with the big one. Real estate laws and regulations are complicated enough without adding RESPA to the equation. Have they prepared marketing agreements that comply? Have they attended RESPA specific training courses and seminars? Have they kept abreast of the most recent HUD guidelines and court cases nationally regarding RESPA? How many RESPA cases and clients have they handled? What types of RESPA cases did they handle? Were the issues similar to yours? What were their results? Don't be shy!

Question # 2

"What type of reputation does the attorney have?"

This is a tough one to figure out – so do your homework! Is the attorney primarily a transaction attorney or a litigator skilled in courtroom procedures if necessary? Your attorney must have the communication skills necessary to work with the other attorney as well as you. The other attorney, if more knowledgeable on RESPA can run over you and your lawyer. Remember that many cases are won or lost on the attorney's knowledge and high ethical standards. Check the local Bar association for background. Get references and check them out thoroughly.



Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Lawyer

A lot of paperwork, negotiation, inspections, deals, and other details are required for real estate transactions. This can make it difficult to sell your house, especially if you're doing it the first time. These concerns can be addressed by real agents who can help you.

It is best to have a lawyer oversee all legalities and documentation. They will protect your rights as a seller and can represent you legally in any negotiations with potential buyers if you are unable to attend. You can get more information related to the lawsuits via  

These lawyers can ensure that the title to your home is clear and there are no liens. These lawyers can help you avoid future problems that could arise if these issues are not addressed properly. 

If there are any problems with the property, you could be financially responsible for those details. If you hire a lawyer to inspect the property, the responsibility is on him.

They will also be responsible for preparing purchase agreements, terms and conditions, and other legal forms that will require your signature and that of the buyer. You can rest assured that all points will be covered, as a legal mind handled the document.

A real estate lawyer can increase your chances of winning the agreement. A real estate lawyer can give sound legal advice regarding tax-related cases, such as counteroffers.