The rental and purchase of pallets (or skids) is often an overlooked or under-appreciated detail. However, pallets are useful and in many cases, the essential item businesses need to meet standards and be successful in their businesses.

Basic pallets are made of heat-treated wood products and formed in the shape of a box. Each pallet has a specially measured opening to allow for easy transport by forklift, pallet jack, front loader, or other equipment.  If you want to get information about export pallets in Sydney find it on the internet.

A load is often secured to a pallet using strapping, stretch, or shrink-wrap for loading. Although the dimensions of a pallet vary with each country and each location, the most commonly used pallet in North America is 42 inches x 42 inches square for use in the grocery industry.

Pallets were originally designed to help with the import and export of various goods internationally. The army was greatly benefited by the introduction of 'palletization' as keeping goods on pallets freedmen for other services. As the need for safe, reliable cargo transportation grew, so did the pallet industry. The pallet industry has now become a standard for shipment, cargo transportation, and international export and import of goods.

The use of pallets has been established for the following purposes:

• Storage of goods (ie godown, shed, stockyard)

• Safe Transportation

• To meet food safety standards

• Objectives to Stack

A pallet is a necessity when it comes to being able to safely store a variety of items of different weights. For example, in parts warehouses, pallets are widely used to carefully store products that cannot be picked up manually. The integrity of the pallet must be intact, the quality of the wood or material must be safe and strong and the design of the pallet must be able to withstand the weight and pressure of the object that is stored on top of the pallet.