Advances in dental technology have led to the invention of various types of brackets, from clear to tooth-colored brackets, ceramic to metal, offering a wide range of options depending on your needs. 

Different types of braces include:

Plastic or Metal Brackets: These are metal or plastic dental brackets. If you’re looking for braces, you can visit this category there are: Stainless metal brackets, which are specially designed for people without metal allergies and are considered the most popular due to their economy and strength.

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Ceramic bracket: This dental bracket is made of high-tech glass-like composite, which is why it is quite expensive compared to other brackets. Ceramic braces are very strong and can resist most stains except those caused by curry, cigarettes, food, cola and coffee, etc.

Saphir brand braces: Pure single crystal sapphire is used to make this type of braces. They are quite strong, translucent, and able to withstand most stains except those caused by smoking, food, etc. The sapphire splint blends well with the patient's teeth and is therefore not visible, especially if the patient has white teeth. These characteristics make sapphire braces quite expensive compared to other types of braces.

Traditional Silver Braces: These are the most popular and common type of braces, comprising the latest in braces designs and features, enabling the most precise and efficient movement of teeth. Moreover, they can be decorated with different patterns and color combinations according to the user's specifications or with computer generated patterns.

Gold Brackets: This type of metal brackets is made of golden arches and is mostly preferred for its aesthetic appearance.

Invisible Braces: This type of braces is considered ideal for patients who do not have severe deformities. They contain custom-made treatment splints that are computer-generated based on the structure of the jaw. They are usually inconspicuous and are usually placed in front of the teeth. Usually invisible braces are stain-resistant and annoying. Clearstep, Invisalign and get under invisible braces.

Lingual Braces: These braces are usually placed just behind the teeth. They are the traditional form of metal braces made of wire, although they are usually invisible from the outside of the teeth, making them invisible.

Other different types of braces are: bands that wrap around the teeth with metal bands, Inman straighteners which are usually used for minor dental problems, and lastly, Damon's friction-free braces which are designed to straighten teeth.