When it comes to the very best boxing glove substance, it truly depends upon how much you are prepared to spend on a set of gloves. The substance used to create your gloves is an immediate index of how expensive or cheap they will be.

Better material means the gloves will include a greater price-point. Cheaper gloves are generally made out of cheap material like vinyl and faux leather. Find out more about the different types of boxing gloves and their advantages online.

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Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is the lower cost material used for making boxing gloves. These kinds of gloves may have odor problems if they are used frequently and are not properly cleaned. These gloves are not suggested for complex fighters or heavy hitters.

Authentic leather

Authentic leather is usually durable, elastic, and controls perspiration and odors well compared to other substances. This type of leather is the principal option amongst lots of professional boxers and fighters nowadays.


Vinyl substance is a great option if you cannot afford or prefer to not use actual leather. Vinyl is much more affordable than any other leather.

The fantastic thing about Vinyl gloves is they're easier to wash compared to other substances. You can choose these boxing gloves if you can afford expensive gloves, or whether you're a newcomer who's searching for a cheap set of gloves.