Experts agree that your dog should not be left alone for prolonged periods of time. For instance, you might leave your dog alone at home for vacation. Your dog will usually be at its best when you're around. They will begin to behave badly if you are gone.

Curing uneasiness in dogs is very difficult. Dogs with anxiety can scratch at furniture and chew carpets. Many dog owners will punish or discipline their pet dog if they return home and find that their dog has damaged their home. They hope it will motivate them to be better next time.


This approach will only make matters worse. This will cause confusion in your dog. They will become more anxious and likely to behave badly again if they are left alone. This cycle will continue until your pet becomes so frustrated with their behavior that they are forced to go to shelters to be rehomed.

The owner of the dog may feel guilty as well. The dog's owner may feel guilty and think their dog is trying revenge on them for leaving him alone. However, this is not true. Your dog isn't trying to "spite" on you. Your dog is suffering from chronic stress and will simply respond to your stressed state the best they can.

This common disease can cause irreparable damage to your relationship with your dog if it is not treated. The condition is often not recognized. The dog may be unfairly considered unmanageable.

Separation anxiety in dogs can often be treated with medication, and sometimes even managed and even eliminated with proper training. You should take the time to identify the signs and how to treat separation anxiety in dogs.