Professional dentists should perform teeth whitening for those who are interested. According to experts, teeth whitening should only be done by a dentist. Some homemade kits can actually cause tooth enamel erosion.

These harmful kits contain illegally high levels of hydrogen peroxide or other acids that can cause tooth decay and require cosmetic dentistry services afterward. Meet our Aiea dentists in Hawaii who are experts in teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening

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According to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, some home teeth whitening kits are ineffective because they use ill-fitting molds which can cause gum damage.

Dentists will create a custom-made tray to fit around the teeth to reduce the chance of leaking the chemicals that are used to whiten the teeth. A dentist can take a mold of the person's teeth to create a tray that holds mild solutions. It is only meant to be used against the teeth, and not contact the gums.

Participants in this popular at-home method of professional tooth whitening will need to wear the custom tray for about an hour each day for a few weeks.

Drinkers who are concerned about permanent staining from red wine have been advised that white wine can also cause damage to your smile.

Research has shown that white wine is more susceptible to rotting teeth than red wine. This is because it is acidic, and the drink has a higher chance of staining teeth.

Drinkers are advised to have their favorite tipple with a meal. This will reduce the risk of tooth decay because the food absorbs some of the harmful acid found in alcohol.