When you engage the services of a business coach you want to be assured that you are getting the best return for your investment. The financial returns are easily measured by how much you put in and how much you earn after your business coaching engagement.

There are other benefits, that could be considered less tangible, that result from a professional business coaching relationship. These tend to be considered soft skills or soft metrics that are measured more in how you feel and how others perceive your actions.

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Primary Benefits (80% positive change or higher): This is a benefit that results from virtually all coaching regardless of type or primary objectives. — International Coach Federation 2009 Study

To understand the benefits of our coaching, you first have to understand why individuals are selecting a coach. This article will not delve deeply into why individuals choose a coach. That article has already been written. Instead, think about why you or someone else seeks the services of a business coach.

Typically it is because they want to change behavior, improve upon a new career transition, or build better-lasting teams. Of course, there are many other reasons a person will choose a business coach but for the purposes of this article will look at the benefits to the individual.

Assume there is an executive that seeks to change their behavior. Perhaps they are too authoritarian or they tend not to listen to the needs of their employees. They hire a business coach to help them overcome or improve upon their weaknesses. During their sessions with the coach, the executive discovers other areas in their professional life that can use improvement.