Online bookkeeping and accounting software are helping businesses organize financial records, reduce paperwork and streamline functions. High end of the market products like QuickBooks Online, are allowing small businesses to access accounts online from any location and at any time.

There are features that one should look for when deciding on streamlining the bookkeeping functions of a small business, including:

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Ease of use: The top online accounting and bookkeeping software packages have user-friendly features such as the user homepage which will provide quick access to tools often used. A background in spreadsheets is not necessary for anyone to use these systems.

Payroll management: A payroll management system will absorb much of the hard work in recording worker payments including creating and scheduling payments, emailing payslips, and viewing previous payroll transactions.

Advanced business management: The ability to generate different reports and graphs for intelligent financial analysis, cheque printing, bills payment, and invoicing and monitoring expenses.

Accurate tax tracking: Accuracy and timeliness are key qualities in tax tracking. QuickBooks Online is regarded as the most cutting edge solution when it comes to minimizing errors in tax reporting. This advanced system is based on an accurate tracking method that measures daily transactions and supports tax and BSA reporting. Tax items are linked to Tax Codes, significantly reducing errors from assigning the incorrect sales or purchase tax code.