Sesame is generally known as the seeds of the sesame herb. This is the most widely used seed in the world and is one of the main sources of inclusion in food in the Middle East. Sesame foods like tahini and halva originated there.

Sesame seeds are often used in bread dishes and sprinkled in both sweet and savory dishes. Sesame can be eaten raw, dried or roasted, or cooked with all kinds of foods, it is versatile. It contains amino acids and this is beneficial for a healthy body.You can order the organic raw black sesame Oil online via Ostro Organics.

In the Middle East, sesame seeds are considered the seeds of immortality. Rich in more than 50% oil, it also contains 20% protein and beneficial vitamins, A, B, and E. The seeds have also been found to have a mild antioxidant effect. They have a skin-softening agent and are used as nourishing tonics and laxatives.

There are three varieties of sesame, the black seed, the white seed, and the red seed.

* Black seeds produce the best oil and also the most appropriate for medicinal purposes.

* White sesame is used for its calcium content.

* The red seeds are rich in iron are used in foods that lack iron.

The oil is highly praised for its medicinal value and is used in Indian food as it has a fine taste and high boiling point characteristic of Indian food.

Using sesame seeds in sweetmeats or as a paste ground with water and butter to treat hemorrhoids. Externally it is an excellent remedy for ulcers, burns, and scalds. Also, sesame cures the problems of dysentery and diarrhea, as well as respiratory and menstrual disorders.