As you study the Bible, you will learn to know it better. You will gradually develop a solid biblical frame of reference that will help him build his life on what God has said. Because the Bible is God's revelation of himself, learning more about the Bible will also lead to a greater knowledge of God. 

This doesn't just mean knowing about God, although that's certainly important. It means knowing God on a personal level and developing a closer relationship with him.

Studying the Bible will make you more aware of God's will for your life. These results will eventually turn into a cycle. As you get to know God better, you will respond to his demands on you and follow his will for your life. To know more about the bible ancestry timeline, hop over the internet.

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That, in turn, will draw you even closer to God and give you a stronger desire to obey Him. Through both, your love for God will grow and your study of the Bible will become an act of worship.

There are some important guidelines to keep in mind as you begin your Bible study. First of all, you must have a defined plan to follow in order to proceed in an organized manner. You must be careful to consider the context of a verse or passage before attempting to interpret it. 

This includes the immediate context, that is, the larger passage of which it is a part. Consider the general theme of a passage before looking for a specific application. Knowing the historical and cultural background is also important to understanding the Bible. And finally, you must know the context of the entire book you are studying.