Travelling is one of the factors for adding fun in day to day life. People love to visit modern countries as well as culturally based countries. Culturally based countries provide different exposure to travelling compared to modern countries. 

Many times, media plays a biased role in projecting the down image of cultural-based countries and when the one actually visit the country then all beliefs fall totally false. In Culturally strong countries people are inclined towards traditions and feel good to follow them. Moreover, a personal bond between people is also strong in such countries. 

The culturally strong country makes the visitor feel good as citizens of such countries inclined to make the other person feel good. Visitors can also relate the culture of such countries with the culture of their own country. Many times visitors fell in love with culturally strong countries because of the hospitality it serves.

When one immerses himself in the culture of host country then the sense of oneness comes in and this leads to a chance of knowing oneself more. There are ample opportunities for enjoying the new version of life when one comes across visiting a culturally rich country. 

India is one such country which attracts tourist from all across the world for its rich culture. North India tour packages with prices are quite attractive as they are quite less expensive. North India is famous for its unique blend of culture and modern version of attractive malls.