The long, hard training sessions and mid-race nutrition are some of the most difficult aspects for runners. It is important to determine how much fuel your body needs and then consume it during your workout in order to be at your best.

The best energy chews have been specially designed to supply the necessary nutrients, such as amino acids and electrolytes, to keep you healthy and happy. You will be able to stick to your diet plan with the mouthwatering flavors.

Australian performers should consume between 240-and 244 calories per hour. 30-60g of these should be carbohydrates. You can get these carbs and calories by chewing energy gels or other essential nutrients such as potassium and sodium.

Energy Chews contain the same amount of nutrients as original GU Energy Gels. They deliver the energy you need in small, easy-to-digestible pieces. Energy chews are made of carbohydrates (maltodextrin, fructose), which have non-competing pathways. This allows for energy to be absorbed quickly, improves utilization, and reduces stomach discomfort.

The main electrolyte that is lost in sweat, sodium, helps in hydration and balances fluids. It also contains amino acids that can reduce mental fatigue, lessen muscle damage and accelerate recovery.

Everyone has different absorption rates and sensitivities. They are also all made with different amounts of carbs. A small amount of energy chewing before you start any exercise can help boost your body’s endurance and strength.