Bringing a puppy home is an exciting experience. A puppy’s energy is infectious, and their joy and playfulness can entertain the entire family. However, pet parents know puppies also require a lot of effort.

Toilet training is one of the most important challenges you face with a puppy. As your dog learns where and when to poop, you'll need to be patient – accidents can happen!  Many dog trainers recommend that you start training your puppy when he is 12 weeks old. After 12 weeks, your puppy should have adequate bladder control.

While you can start potty training early, you may not see any results until your pup is a little older. You can also use a dog pooper scooper while giving potty training to your dog. To get the best pooper scooper, you can easily buy long handled pooper scooper for dogs from various online sources.

To successfully navigate through this process, follow the instructions below.

Choose a place

Toilet training will become easier if you identify places in your yard or home to "go" your puppy. If your puppy tells you to pee, take him there and wait. Once your puppy is introduced to a location, keeping him back in the same location can help.

Go to the potty place often

Puppies need to urinate frequently, especially early in the training process. For example, if you teach your dog to poop outdoors, learning about his daily routine can teach him to hold his bladder in anticipation of the next visit.

If your pup has a potty holder around the house, encourage them to go there if they need to clean it.