Our female society is more open to seeing the beauty in our makeup, so it's not surprising that there's more attraction for the opposites. It is easier to see each other when we are in public places. 

The popularity of wild hair colors and doll-like makeup is increasing among educated women. It's hard to know what lies beneath the makeup of so many people until one takes a look.

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The women of today have moved beyond the days of the ladies of yesterday. They use makeup to express their individuality or show distinction to certain groups in society. Their hair and bodies have been colored according to their views. 

Some women are stunned and amazed by their wild looks, while others are awestruck at the beauty of other women. Some women's carefully applied makeup and colored hair can create looks that look like works of art. 

Others, who don't want to be part of the working class today, make a mockery of themselves and apply makeup to create the appearance of the walking dead to pierce the minds of others.

Women today aren't trying to be fashionable. They are moving towards natural looks that use light makeup and true skin colors. Many women don’t use makeup and are happy with their natural appearances that attract the attention of others. 

For the most part, makeup is used to maintain a youthful look. Even men admit that they want to keep their youthful appearance and maintain the look they have been accustomed to throughout their lives.

Many of the makeup looks that are used today, including those that have a wild and colorful look, were not created to "Make up" the personality of the wearer. 

While some people may choose to wear wild makeup in order to be accepted by a cult, others are more comfortable with the casual makeup look.