The Silver Bengal is a  Bengal cat with a silver-colored coat – it is a relatively new member of the Bengal family. They have a pure white to steel silver, anthracite, or blue hue that contrasts with black and gray specks. You can also look for the best snow lynx Bengal cats & kittens for sale in the UK through various websites.

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Like other Bengal cats, silver Bengal cats come in two varieties – silver spots and silver marble. They not only attract onlookers with their silver nude coats but also dazzle them with their dazzling green or yellow/gold eyes. Below are some great things to know about the silver Bengal cats.

Are silver Bengal cats unique?

Silver Bengal cats are rare. Several even consider normal brown cats to be rare. Compared to the brown Bengal cat, the silver Bengal cat is certainly rare. Keep in mind that silver is a new color model in Bengal cats – it wasn't recognized in the Bengal breed until 2004, as previously mentioned. In silver Bengal cats, one providing both silver’s inhibitor genes will be unique.

How much does a silver Bengal cat cost?

Since silver Bengal cats are unique, they are quite costly. While you can bring an adult or older Silver Bengal cat for a few hundred dollars, picking up a Silver Bengal kitten will cost up to or even over three thousand dollars.