Many studies have shown that the most imperative outcome of cryogenic therapy is the development as well as training of immune system. To be exact, the enhanced immune system ascertains progress in the treatment of a lot of diseases.

A mixture of the main technological parameters of the process that incorporates the gas temperature, the area of skin and the cooling time that arrives in contact with cryogenic gas, builds an environment, where the body independently identifies as well as eliminates the disorders that become the reason of the disease.

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The cold tempering triggers the influence of after-effect, which is noticed subsequent to a course of treatments. It visible itself in a favorable change in biochemical indexes after taking tempering procedures, in several cases for some months & even for years.

In case low temperatures apply influence on the human for a moment, he recognizes them as a threat.

At this moment, the blood moves to the very active muscles as well as the skin, tissue tropism develops considerably, increased creation of defensive antibodies, the nervous system is excited and there is a radical fall in pain threshold.

The effect of crypto-procedures is same as the effect that we attain by performing exercises i.e. boosted spirits, thanks to the creation of endorphins, the body tone improves, and metabolism is stimulated, the struggle against cellulite & overweight is sustained, and the immunity perks up.