The cloud computing industry is a sector that continues to see significant growth and a huge demand for skilled people. Plus, the professionals with high knowledge of the cloud are among the highest earners in the IT field.

People with cloud skills can implement, test, develop and plan IT projects using new methods. However, before starting a new career in cloud computing, it is important to develop skills and have a thorough knowledge of the various services, technologies, and concepts used.

Here are some steps to learn more about cloud computing:

Get practical experience

There are many great opportunities to get hands-on experience in the cloud with some of the major providers and try out their platforms for free. Popular options such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and AWS allow you to use their services for a limited time. This usually happens within a month or two.  

You can also get the Microsoft certified azure administrator course online.


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However, AWS offers limited service for up to 12 months. By simply registering for this platform, you can easily gain knowledge and experience. Another way to gain practical experience is to work on open-source projects.

Understand key terms

One of the first steps is to gain a basic understanding of the various concepts related to cloud computing. It's important to learn about the dynamic scaling of cloud environments when needed. It also helps you learn how to develop Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to meet specific business or service needs.

Get certificate

Specific courses leading to industry-recognized certificates are a great way to learn the required skills. It also shows potential employers that you have up-to-date and up-to-date knowledge and the kind of person who is willing to learn.