Invasion Station is a fun experience for all ages, located at the Roswell Mall. Open all year round and leading up to Halloween, they sell a variety of alien-themed apparel and accessories as well as many fun photo opportunities for visitors like our Alien Spaceship, Giant Alien and an alien tree. They want people to have an experience they will never forget while in Roswell. Their souvenirs are unique and original! Bring something memorable home to remind you of your visit to Invasion Station also you can check our collection on our online store 

We have a huge collection of alien theme merchandise including alien hats, alien shirts, alien tank tops and coffee mugs, shot glasses and many more 

Also, you’ll find hundreds of unique products, from backpacks to sweatshirts. Aliens make great friends – so get their pictures taken with our Alien Spaceship and Giant Alien!

Invasion Stations has everything you need for a weekend of fun. Invasion Station is a store for every fan of aliens. 

Invasion Station is your one-stop shop to purchase all of your alien needs! Our stores are always stocked with an assortment of Alien Themed Apparel and Accessories for both Men, Women and Children. It’s time to show the world that aliens rock!