It's completely apparent that you're somewhat intimidated by all the information out there about cigars. You might even be somewhat apprehensive if you're looking for which cigar is excellent for you.

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Informality with cigars isn't vital to appreciate them. All you need to understand are a few standard attributes about cigars, and you're going to be smoking them like a true connoisseur.

Time of Day

The very first thing you have to know about is that cigars generally go better with specific times each day. Conventional wisdom asserts that if you are intending to smoke in the morning, then larger, milder cigars are going to be the most appropriate.

Cigars of moderate taste and dimensions are often preferred throughout the daytime hours. And if you light up a cigar at night, you have to decide on the longest and boldest-flavored cigars in your collection.


If you do cigar hunting, you will realize there are dozens of potential different colors linked to cigars. But they usually fall somewhere in this scale:

  • Dual Claro: moderate green wrapper, really gentle flavor
  • Claro: moderate tan wrapper, sleek and mild flavor
  • Natural: medium brown wrapper, full bodied flavor
  • Colorado: reddish dark brown wrapper, Powerful and rich flavor
  • Oscuro: almost black wrapper, really strong taste