Preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining a well-functioning commercial refrigeration system. One of the most important types of preventive maintenance is cleaning the refrigerator.

The professional team strongly believes in the power of preventive maintenance. One way you can reduce the possibility of having an expensive problem with your refrigeration equipment for your business is to call them to perform regular maintenance, such as refrigeration case cleaning

refrigeration case cleaning

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Steps they will take during the refrigerator cleaning

The team knows that refrigerators are at the heart of grocery stores, and supermarkets. That's why they want to help you look after your system with the fridge cleaning service.

During cleaning services, technicians go through several steps. The first step is to close the cases they are working on and disassemble the coil housing.

Technicians then check the house drains for blockages and blow up the blocked ducts. The third step is to remove the case and its components with hot water and a brush. 

In the next step the technician will inspect the motor and fan blades in the box and replace or repair any damaged ones. They will then conduct a thorough check for leaks.

After the leak test is complete, the technicians restart the cleaned cases and verify that it is working properly. With this comprehensive preventive maintenance service, your refrigerator can operate at maximum efficiency. 

In addition to the refrigerator cleaning services, they offer a number of other useful services for commercial refrigeration systems.