Vasectomy presents many advantages as a method of contraceptive. The process is performed in a physician's office or an outpatient surgery facility. Most men recover within just weekly, however, it might take up to eight or two days for full healing. 

In comparison to female sterilization, vasectomy bacteria treatment is easier, more effective, and has fewer complications, therefore is not as expensive. A change may be possible in some cases. Your physician will discuss your health history because it relates to vasectomy and will perform a brief physical exam.


Tell your doctor if you've got some of the following:

  • History of excessive bleeding or blood disorders.

  • Allergy or sensitivity to local anesthetics, such as example the"caine" (things like benzocaine or lidocaine or novocaine) antibiotics or drugs.

  • Skin disorder involving the scrotum, especially infected pimples.

  • Regular use of aspirin or other medicines that contain aspirin or drugs that affect bleeding.

  • History of injury or earlier surgery on your own genitals or scrotum or groin (like hernias).

  • History of recent or repeat urinary tract or genital infections.

The principal benefit is effectiveness. A vasectomy is 99.99% effective in preventing pregnancies. Like female tubal ligation, vasectomy is a one-time procedure that provides permanent contraception. 

If you compare female contraception procedures (like tubal ligation) into vasectomy, you will see that vasectomy:

  • Is simpler.

  • Is much better.

  • Can be performed on an outpatient basis.

  • Is much less expensive.