You may have questions that you want to ask the dealer when buying a car. There are some things you should know, regardless of whether you're new to the dealership or an experienced veteran.

Asking questions about the vehicles is a good idea. You can ask them about general topics or specific details, but it doesn't matter how much you know about automobiles. For more confidence on the lot, you can bring someone along.

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General Questions to Ask

There are a few questions that you can ask to determine if you are purchasing new or used.

  • Is the car on the lot? Ask to see the exact model and trim levels if you've viewed a vehicle online.

  • What is the real price? This is more than the price on the sticker. Ask about the total cost including all fees.

  • Is there any aftermarket equipment on the vehicle? This is crucial for used cars. Is there an option to add extras that are not included in the base model?

  • How many miles has it covered? What is the mileage?

  • What are acceptable terms for payment? It is important to ensure that the vehicle works for your financial needs.

You can take down all the answers to these questions so that you can use them to assist you in making an informed decision.

Questions to ask when looking at certified pre-owned vehicles

There are many benefits to buying a certified used vehicle. You often get many technological features for a lower price. These cars are in excellent condition, but they may be used. You can still ask the dealer questions about your new vehicle.

  • Which vehicles are included in the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program?

  • Is the program covered by roadside or maintenance?

  • What are the warranty features? Details vary by manufacturer.