Routine maintenance of your plumbing and troubleshooting in a brand new house is always an ideal idea. A lot of people get into the habit of not paying attention to their plumbing when it's functioning properly. 

When things don't go as planned, they panic and usually spend lots of money for repairs that could be avoided if they had taken the time to take simple, low-cost, or no-cost actions to ensure that the plumbing in their home was in good shape. You can contact the best and no. #1 trusted plumber at Lake Macquarie for regular maintenance of your new home.


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The first thing a new homeowner must be aware of is the location of their plumbing and how it functions. Many people do not know the location of their septic tank, or its drainage field is located. 

It's best to have the plumber who built their plumbing show them where the vents on the roof and in the stack are in the area where the hot and cold plumbing pipes for the water supply are located, in which area the supply of water is located and where the water meters are and the location where the drains and traps are. The plumber may offer suggestions for winterizing the system and making minor repairs.

The plumbing in a brand-new home may be in good shape however it will not remain that way for very long. The most common tasks homeowners can do to ensure that their plumbing is in good condition are:

It is recommended to flush toilets once at intervals and let water flow out of showers and faucets periodically and then if they're not utilized. This helps keep your pipes in good shape.