Want to try a different flavor of peanut butter? Organic Sesame Seed Butter is an excellent starting point! It's loaded with nutrients, taste, and can be a great method to spice up your food. It's also an excellent alternative for people with allergies to nuts and is gluten-free.

Organic Sesame Seed Butter vs. Sesame Paste Sesame butter is often mistaken for Tahini (sesame paste) however, they're not one and the same. In order to make sesame butter sesame seeds are slow-roasted at the lowest temperature, which releases their flavor.

sesame seed butter

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They are then crushed using millstones. The result is smooth and smooth sesame butter, often called "raw Tahini." To make tahini, it is necessary to mix sesame butter, lemon juice, water salt, pepper parsley, and other spices.

Health Benefits

The combination of fiber, protein and fats in sesame oil is the perfect trifecta to help you fight hunger. These three nutrients maintain blood sugar levels and keep you fuller for longer. The stability of blood sugar levels aid in keeping our energy levels up without the dreaded crash.

Organic Sesame Seed Butter is also rich in phytosterols and lignans. Lignans are fibers found in plants that have been proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. They also possess antioxidant properties that help reduce free radicals that are present in our body, which could cause cancer. Phytosterols are natural compounds that are found in plants.