Get super high speed network connection with Netgear ac1200 wifi range extender setup at your home or office. Netgear ac1200 wifi range extender is a useful electronic device that provides you with fast wifi performance delivering up to 1200Mbps. Here, in this post we will give you step to step instructions for Netgear ac1200 wifi range extender setup using installation assistant.

  • Firstly place your wifi extender and wifi router in the same room.
  • Plug your extender into power source and turn it on.
  • Take your computer or laptop and open the wifi manager.
  • Connect your laptop or computer with the extender network.
  • Now open any web browser in your computer or laptop.
  • Visit mywifiext net web page.
  • Login page displays.
  • Provide the username and password for the login.
  • In case you are getting the password and username is incorrect error after many login attempts, feel free to contact with our technical experts at My WiFi Ext Fix and get the required help.
  • Once done the Netgear installation assistance will come into view.
  • Walk through the onscreen steps and complete your Netgear ac1200 setup.

Once you successfully completed the setup process unplug your extender and place it in to a new location at your home or office where you want. While you are placing the extender at a new place make sure that the extender is placed at a certain distance away from the radioactive devices such as microwaves, washing machines, treadmills, baby monitor, Bluetooth gadgets and refrigerators.  Now reconnect your all wifi enabled devices to extender network and enjoy high speed network.