There are educational benefits when children play golf. First and foremost is the hand-eye coordination required to play. This translates into better reading and thinking. Secondly, the logic required for kids to adjust their swing as they shoot for the target also helps children learn to think.

They also unconsciously acquire decision-making tools at the same time. Adult interaction will exponentially increase the learning benefits of kids playing golf. The best mini-golf courses have themes, usually geographical or historic themes. You can also get golf courses at

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Even those that have a theme set in fantasy or fiction lend themselves to creative thinking. An adult, be it a teacher or parent can – with creative questioning- cause a child to imagine, create, and dream as they observe their surroundings.

By asking questions throughout the game about the surroundings, an adult can help the child become intentional with observation. Later, creative writing assignments can springboard from an afternoon of golf. Even math skills can be taught strategically.

Using the 'par' for each shot, a kid can perform simple math; addition, and subtraction based on their shots or more sophisticated mathematical functions such as probability and percentages. Mini-golf is often therapeutic for those kids who have trouble concentrating. The very nature of playing golf demands a higher level of concentration.