If you've decided to upscale their home with a new bathroom or renovated, one of the best ways, by the way, in order to increase its value-you will be doing yourself a big favor by giving your contractor an idea very clear from corner bathtub in mind.

The tub was one of the first items that will be installed, so you need to make sure the bathroom is designed to accommodate the length and depth, water needs, both in capacity and in special pipes, and attachments. Does it include a bath, or whirlpool, or a jet of air?

So you have some hard work ahead of you. Spa bathtub corner is now available in a variety of shapes, dimensions, materials, colors, ranges of complexity and price. And because they are fixtures, you will make sure you can live with the model you choose for a good while. Shopping for a corner bathtub as though, as it may be, the last one you ever buy.

On your way from showroom to showroom, do not be shy about trying out various models for the size of the corner of the tub. Take off your shoes and hop in for a test fitting.

If you're someone who can not get enough of the long, relaxing soak at the end of a tough day, and the tub from the point of time to ease away muscle tension and frayed nerves, you might be a good candidate for a large, deep tub shower that will let you lie down and drown.

American standard bath between fourteen and seventeen inches in depth. You probably already know if it will work for you. European and Japanese style bathtub, respectively, eighteen and twenty-two inches.

Once you settle on a depth to your bath, decide whether you want a corner bathtub built-in or freestanding. If you opt for the built-in, you then have to choose a style.

The basic-style tub is a tub with a niche, with the inner edge located in the wall so it can only be accessed from the front; may be available only at shallow depths.

Because the tub usually includes a shower niche, you must decide whether you want your bath has a shower door permanently, or allow yourself the flexibility of the shower curtain. And you need to make the walls and ceilings that surround the tub of water-resistant material.